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About Hope Media Creative Design

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Hello and Welcome! My name is Grace, and I am the sole owner and operator of this online stationary boutique and custom design service. The concept for Hope Media began taking shape towards the end of 2021, opened in March 2022, and currently includes an online store that operates out of my home in Texas and a list of custom services ranging from graphic design to custom printing options. 


Hope Media Creative Design seeks to inspire, make a positive impact, and give glory to God through art, an elite customer service experience, and using a portion of all store profits to support local Texas ministry programs.    


Why did I start my own business? Now that is the question. I graduated from Texas A&M University in May of 2021 with a degree in honors communication where I specialized in social media, tourism marketing, and event planning. All of my internships and work experience had set me up well for working in a creative and flexible field. Well, the time for graduation was dawning near, and wouldn't you know? God opened an unexpected door back home for a corporate job to help me get my feet wet in the professional world. 


Some things in life are subtle, and some are not. It became obvious to me that I was not made for sitting in an office 50+ hours a week. Towards the end of 2021, God opened another door to exit and figure out next steps. I didn't even know what I wanted to do anymore, at least realistically. Because how realistic would it be for a 22 year old to start her own business, right? 

Turns out, it was realistic. I began practicing art again for the first time since high school, did hours and hours of research, developed a business plan, figured out the finances, and prayed constantly. If it wasn't for faith, I would have given up from anxiety in the beginning of the process. But - Jesus told his disciples that faith the size of a tiny mustard seed was enough to move mountains. So I have hope, and I designed myself a logo with a mountain and a mustard seed that I can move whenever I want. 

I feel so blessed to be encouraged by my family and friends with this venture, and I cannot wait to see how Hope Media grows over the years. 

Why should you purchase products or work with Hope Media?

  1. Working with and supporting a small business brings a different level of customer service to the table. I want every client and customer happy, heard, and appreciated. 

  2. Like most people, I have a desire to make the world a better place. To best live that out, a portion of all store profits goes to support local Texas ministry programs like: Home of Hope Texas and Rahab's Retreat & Ranch 

  3. All products' designs are Hope Media originals. You receive a unique product and support an aspiring artist in the process. 


Talk about great service start to finish. I am amazed at how a few rough pictures in the right hands can turn into exactly what I had imagined…OK better! But to have such a flawless payment and delivery system as well. I couldn’t be happier with my custom cards OR my experience with Grace and Hope Media.

Kim S. ~ Facebook

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